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Welcome to Yoyo.net. This is truly the real world of Yoyos. Having the largest group of Yoyo Collections in the world, I wanted to share with you all that I could think of about yoyo collections, how to use the yoyo, yoyo world record holders for many different yoyo feats, as well as the history of yoyos and much, much more. If you are one of millions of wonderful people with yoyo collections, then enjoy.

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Lucky Meisenheimer With Martha Stewart
yoyo collections
Lucky and Jacquie both competed in the 1st Modern National Yo-Yo Championships held in Chico, CA 1993
yoyo collections
The Periodic Table of Yo-Yos
Yoyo Periodic Table
Guinness World Record for the Largest Yo-Yo Collection
Guinness World Yo-yo record
Lucky Does a Book Signing at Shriners Christmas Party
Content 4
Lucky with Yo-Yo Man
Content 5yoyo collections
Wendy's Released a Collector's Card in 2006
yoyo collections
Worlds Largest Wooden Yo-Yo
yoyo collections
Lucky has even made the front page of a Paris Newspaper
yoyo collections
Lucky Stars in the DVD "Yo-Yo KINGS," Released by Lucky-Rose-Films in 2007
yoyo collections
Lucky Hosts the DVD Documentary "2003 World Yo-Yo Championships."
Lucky has been in Ripley's Cartoon Strips and is also listed in the 2007 Ripley's Book
Ripleys Yoyo King
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