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Before you look at our very cool yo-yo links check our our companion sites below:




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Nothing but cool yo-yo links below:

American Yo-Yo Association (AYYA)

Bulletin Boards and Chat Rooms

Area 51 yo-yo club message board.... Moderate activity, great for collectors

Yo-Yo Web News....
Perhaps the most activity of Yo-Yo boards, part of the RPM project CHAT   Long time chat room for yoyoers

Collecting interest

Area 51 Yo-Yo Club Absolute must join club for yo-yo collectors, bulletin board, photos, trading, etc…..
Chris Gillings page Photos of some of his yo-yos mostly Russells
Dennis McBride web site National Grand Master player, features his videos, but has great section of photos ofyo-yo trophiespatches
Gasoline Alley Antiques Yo-Yos and Spin Tops Hundreds of collectible yo-yos for sale some with photos.
National Yo-Yo Museum Yo-Yo Museum open to public in Chico, CA
Spinning Top and Yo-Yo Museum Top & Yo-Yo museum open to the public in Burlington WI
Terry McHugh’s yo-yo site… Ireland Photos of 27 yo-yos mostly foreign Russells  and a little history click here for just the yo-yos Bob Rule is “Mr Yoyo” lots of good photos of early demonstrators, a trip through the ’63 Duncan Factory, items from his collection  
Wild Jimbo's Yo-Yos Lots of photos of mostly modern yo-yos (100+) from his collection, string comparisonchart, sorted yo-yo weight chart (weights of 100+ yo-yos)

 You are on it now, site of Lucky Meisenheimer, Top Prices Paid  ,History of the yo-yo  AYYA world records

Yo-Yo Manufacturers From Yoyowiki Very detailed list of all yo-yo producers both historic and current.
Manufacturers of Yo-Yos ( quality yo-yos not cheap promotional yo-yos)
Aerobie Makers of the AeroSpin
Dif-e-Yo Makers of Billet Machined Aluminum Yo-Yos
Duncan Yo Yo Home page of the yo-yo manufacturing giant.
Russell Promotions  Makers of the famous Russell yo-yo
Spintastics Skill Toys, Inc. Yo-Yo manufacturer.  Dale and Valerie Oliver's site.
SuperYO! Yo-yo manufacturer contact info
YoBonic Yo-Yo Manufacturer
YoYoFactory Maker of the F.A.S.T. yo-yo line
Yo-Yo Jam Yo-yo manufacturer with catalog of their product line
Yomega Yo-Yos Yo-Yo manufacturer and other information Makes one of a kind custom yo-yos for sale or trade

Online Yo-Yo Stores

Atom Yo-Yos Online yo-yo store
Bird-in-Hand Yo-Yo store out of Chico CA  site of the National Yo-Yo Museum Sells Yo-YoJam yo-yos out of Canada
Infinite Illusions The oldest  yo-yo online store Yo-Yos Juggling and tosp. One of the highest ratedf online yo-yo stores.
The Yo Yo Store An online yo-yo store, some newer collectible yo-yos for sale
YoYos at Dixies Online yo-yo store Massive yo-yo web store Store Tricks Videos large online store Online yo-yo store Online yo-yo store

Organizations, Newsletters, Museums

AYYA American Yo-Yo Association Home of the American Yo-Yo Association.
National Yo-Yo Museum A little history, some commemorative contest items for sale in the online store.
R.P.M the Yo-Yo Center On-Line News and Links,  the most active yo-yo chat room Links to all the worldwide National Yo-Yo organizations.
National Yo-Yo League Nine region contest League for the USA       Performers (Professional Yo-Yo Players)
Dazzling Dave National Yo-Yo Master
Jennifer Baybrook Site of the 1998 World Yo-Yo Champion
Doctor Popular  Yo-Yo sites with Tricks and/or Videos
Begin2spin Basic Trick videos
Ken's World on a String Nice resource for tricks and videos of tricks
Shawn's Looping Guide Essay guide to looping. No videos.

Other Yo-Yo related links 

Helane Zeiger's World On A String Site promotes the yo-yo trick book “World on a string”
Lee's Yo-Yo Page Massive yo-yo links site.
Pro Yo Trick Bible- by Ted Whitten Site promoting the the trick book
Some Yo-yo basics Answers to a very few yo-yo playing questions
Smothers Brothers Home Page Home of Tommy Smothers the Yo-Yo Man
The Next Level Good quality trick videos, modifications,
Top Spinning site for top enthusiasts, top bulletin board, top tricks some with videos, top performance reviews Listings of yo-yo contests around the world! Tricks with videos, performance reviews, bulletin board 
Yoyomaniacs Italian yo-yoing website

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