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Lucky's Periodic Table of Yo-Yo's Gallery of Fame


Lucky's Periodic table of yo-yos was released at the 2006 World Yo-Yo Championships during the VIP bar be que prior to the competition.


There were 300 signed and numbered

prints which were presented out to the

who's who of the yo-yo world who were

in attendance at the event. Non-numbered

prints are currently sold retail.


The numbered prints were picked at

random by the attendees at the VIP

Dinner but special door prizes were

awarded to those that pulled a poster

with a rose colored signature and number.

All the rest were signed and numbered

in black. There were only 20 rose

signature prints, so these are the rarest.


The posters are appearing now in

very neat places. If you have a cool,

bizarre, interesting or even really boring

location where you or someone else

has the poster hung please email me a

photo so I can post it in the gallery below.


Feel free to have people in the

photo just list their names so I can

recognize them in the Periodic

Table Yo-Yo Gallery of Fame.


Spinning Top Museum


Yo-Yo aficionados check out the Periodic

Table of Yo-Yos in the front window of the

Spinning Top Museum in Burlington, WI.


Super model with Poster


OK this just proves my assertion that super models

think yo-yos are really cool. So if your life

is devoid of super models and you own Lucky's Periodic

Table of Yo-Yos my advice to you is

"hang it and they will come".


Table appears in

Chemical & Engineering News


Well they didn't show the table but

they wrote about it, so that's the

next best thing.


Makes the Cover of Infinite Illusions Magalog


Yes you can buy the poster from Infinite

Illusions as well.


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