How to Collect Yoyos

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How to Collect Yoyos


Autograph collecting is a natural extension of collecting memorabilia especially when the memorabilia has an association with certain individuals.

Why do people collect autographs?


Many people ask me how to collect YoYos. Then they ask why. Well, largely because it is fun memory of a meeting of an individual at a particular point in time or event. Additionally collecting autographs on yo-yo memorabilia can increase their value. Most notable example would be the Nixon Autographed Yo-Yo which is the highest price ever paid for a yo-yo at $16, 029.00.I can assure you that the price was so high not because of the yo-yo having any intrinsic value, it was the circumstance of which President Nixon autographed the yo-yo. Most autographed yo-yos and other pieces of yo-yo memorabilia will not have any immediate appreciable increase in value but there are exceptions. For most though, the collection of an autograph on a yo-yo is just a fun side of collecting and getting to know people.


What kind of items does a person look for in getting autographed?


When I'm talking to people about how to collect yoyos, people ask what items should they look out for. Well obviously, yo-yos would be the most typical but there are other items that are commonly autographed, such as books, contest flyers, trading cards, videos and contest posters. Contest posters are especially popular at large events such Nationals or Worlds in that you can generally pick up a number of top players and personalities in the Yo-Yo World all on one interesting piece and this is certainly a nice way to display all the signatures.


Whose autographs do people look for?


Well, it could be any personality in the Yo-Yo World. Demonstrators are asked for their autographs most often. Others include world record holders, past champions, authors of books and publications on yo-yos, company owners, yo-yo designers and the list goes on.


Where do you meet these people?


The easiest way to find people is at the large events such as World Championships, National Championships, etc. Even local events often times will have celebrity judges who are demonstrators or World record holders. If you cannot make it to events you can still request signatures through the mail. If you are going to request signatures in the mail, make sure you enclose a self addressed stamped envelope. I would suggest if you are going to send some valuable piece of memorabilia that you request a signature, that you contact the individual first, so they know to expect it, and to make sure that they would be willing to give you a signature on the item. Be clear in writing where you would like the item signed and it's not a bad idea to enclose the pen or marker to be used. You want to make the signing process as easy as possible for the signer. Again, make sure you enclose proper return packaging, mailing label and postage for the return of the item to you.


Where should a yo-yo be signed?


There is no standard place for an autograph to be placed on a yo-yo. My favorite position is having the person sign along the front of the rim on the front face so as you display the yo-yo the signature is easily seen. Use a permanent marker that is a contrasting color to the paint on the yo-yo. If there is not a large logo on the face of the yo-yo, the signature can go directly across the face. Although most people in the Yo-Yo Community are friendly, and happy to sign autographs, you may find some individuals that are reluctant to sign. I must impress upon you not to force the issue. Be gracious whether they accept or decline your request. There are definitely times when you should not ask an individual for an autograph. For instance, judges that are actively judging should not be distracted and competitors immediately before their competition are usually concentrating on their routine and find this distracting. Finally, it is generally considered impolite to ask individuals for souvenirs such as yo-yos, etc., unless they are giving them away as a part of a promotion. Below is a list of a variety of personalities in the Yo-Yo World that you might be interested in having their signature on a yo-yo or other piece of memorabilia. Some individuals are closely associated with certain yo-yos, etc., and I have tried to list some of the items that would be nice to have their signature on to help the new collector. If you see somebody that you think should be listed email me and tell me why and what item it would be cool to have there autograph on and we may add his or her name to the list.


Good luck with your hunt!


  • Alan Amaral
  • Alan Batangan
  • Jennifer Baybrook
  • Dale Bell
  • Steve Brown
  • Mike Caffrey
  • Marie Cariliao
  • Cliff Coleman
  • Chris Cook
  • Bud Countryman
  • Ryan Carver
  • Bill Crest
  • Stewart Crump
  • Bill DeBoisblanc
  • Arne Dixon
  • Don Duncan, Jr.
  • Alex Garcia
  • Al Gall
  • Jon Gates
  • Greg Hart
  • John Higby
  • Tom Kuhn
  • Harvey Lowe
  • Bud Lutz
  • George Malko
  • Bob Malowney
  • Bunny Martin
  • Dennis McBride
  • Mark McBride
  • Fast Eddy McDonald
  • Lucky Meisenheimer
  • Kate Miller
  • Dale Myrberg
  • Takumi Nagase
  • Dale Oliver
  • Ross Olney
  • Brett Outchcunis
  • Rick Osborne
  • Tom Parks
  • Doctor Popular
  • Tom Radovan
  • Bob Rule
  • Jack Russell
  • Larry Sayco Sayegh
  • Dave Schulte
  • Linda Sengpiel
  • Chuck Short
  • Tommy Smothers
  • John Stangle
  • Dick Stor
  • Jason Tracey
  • Kitaqmura Tomoya
  • Hans Van Dan Elzen
  • Dan Volk
  • Don Watson
  • Rick Wyatt
  • Rocco Ysaguire
  • Helane Zeiger
  • President Yomega (any Yomega yo-yo, #1975 is the ultimate)
  • 1999 National Champion
  • 1997 National and 1998 World Champion (Logo yo-yos, 3-D trading cards)
  • President YoyoJam (any YoyoJam yo-yo)
  • demonstrator, father of "off hand play", (Logo yo-yo)
  • demonstrator, inventor of the Yomega auto-return mechanism
  • president of Yobonic(any Yobonic yo-yo)
  • demonstrator
  • author
  • President of Hummingbird and BC (any Hummingbird or BC yo-yo)
  • 1993 National Champion (#1079)
  • President American Spinners (#135)
  • author, AYYA editor (book #1929, #1922)
  • multiple World Champion & National Champion
  • President SuperYo (any SuperYo)
  • Past president Duncan Toys, Past President Playmaxx
  • 1998 National Champion (Trading cards #405)
  • President of National (any National yo-yo ultimate is #1151)
  • Demonstrator (Logo Yo-Yo)
  • Toy Designer (#1605.1)
  • demonstrator (logo yo-yos)
  • Yo-yo manufacturer (any Tom Kuhn yo-yo)
  • 1932 World Champion
  • former demonstrator
  • author (book #1930)
  • Nationals director (any Bird in Hand yo-yo #144)
  • demonstrator (logo yo-yo #1601)
  • demonstrator (Logo yo-yo #730)
  • author, demonstrator
  • world record holder (logo yo-yo)
  • author
  • Demonstrator (logo yo-yo)
  • 1996 World Champion (logo yo-yo #731)
  • 1999 World Champion
  • demonstrator, World Champion, company owner(#1141)
  • demonstrator ( book #1928.1)
  • demonstrator
  • demonstrator
  • demonstrator
  • demonstrator (Logo Yo-Yo)
  • Modern Royal yo-yos
  • demonstrator Trick book #1934, Logo yo-yos
  • President of Russell (any Russell yo-yo)
  • President Sayco (#1218)
  • demonstrator, trade cards
  • demonstrator, Trick book #1928, set #1736, yo-yo #745, trading card, YoyoJam Logo yo-yo
  • demonstrator (Logo Yo-Yo)
  • entertainer (any Smothers Brothers Logo yo-yo)
  • President AYYA, demonstrator (Yotopia Yo-Yo)
  • demonstrator
  • demonstrator
  • 2000 world champion
  • demonstrator (Logo Yo-Yo)
  • demonstrator
  • inventor, author
  • world record holder, (Logo Yo-Yo)
  • 1993 world champion
  • author (#1932)

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