Doc Lucky’s Yo-Yo Talk 

If you have a passion for collecting yo-yos and their history, then welcome to Yo-Yo Talk with Doc Lucky Meisenheimer. In addition to his blog and weekly live internet show, located on this site is a plethora of information available from the top prices paid for yo-yos to current competitive world records. If you are one of the thousands of people with yoyo collections, then enjoy. If you are in the media doing a story on the yo-yo or just writing a school paper, please feel free to contact Doc Lucky for more information about this fascinating toy.

Lucky and Jacquie both competed in the 1st Modern National Yo-Yo Championships held in Chico, CA 1993
The Periodic Table of Yo-Yos
Guinness World Record for the Largest Yo-Yo Collection
Lucky Does a Book Signing at Shriners Christmas Party
Lucky with Yo-Yo Man
Wendy's Released a Collector's Card in 2006
Worlds Largest Wooden Yo-Yo
Lucky has even made the front page of a Paris Newspaper
Lucky Stars in the DVD "Yo-Yo KINGS," Released by Lucky-Rose-Films in 2007
Lucky Hosts the DVD Documentary "2003 World Yo-Yo Championships."
Lucky has been in Ripley's Cartoon Strips and is also listed in the 2007 Ripley's Book