This is a members only facebook group.  Individuals that have been involved in the sport/hobby for at least five years will be considered for membership please feel feel to ask to join the group if you feel you meet the criteria, see below.

If you feel you are worthy please join The Academy of Yo-Yo Arts


The Academy Of Yo-Yo Arts group represents the voting pool in selecting inductees into the National yo-yo Hall of Fame. Past Hall of Fame inductees are posted on the national yo-yoing Hall of Fame page. You can think of this group page as the “Academy of Yo-Yoing.” Our Yo-Yoing academy members will be the voting members each year for The National Yo-Yoing Hall of Fame. Not everyone can be a member of this group. You must have made some worthy contributions to our sport/art form.
Here are some examples that make a person worthy as a member of this group: professional performers, sponsored players, demonstrators, authors of books or articles on the yo-yo, yo-yo videographers, designers, manufacturers, judges, attendees at multiple Nationals or World Championships, contest promoters, collectors that have contributed something to the movement other than just having a drawer for of yo-yos, you get the idea. If you have not personally made significant contributions to the yo-yoing community, then you aren’t worthy, yet, as a voter. Enjoying playing the yo-yo or posting a couple of Tik-Tok videos of your latest learned skill doesn’t count. Entering a couple of local yo-yo contests and earning a Patch, still not worthy. I think most of you know who you are that needs to be a part of this group. Spread the word.