Bill deBoisblanc

Bill DeBoisblanc began his yo-yo career in southern California at the age of 10 in 1951. He finished as high as 2nd in the 1955 California State Championships, a fixture on the local contest circuit. He did not return to the yo-yo world until the seventies when he did some promo work for Duncan and appeared in the now-classic yo-yo book “World on a String” by Helane Zeiger. He returned to competition in 1993, the first modern Nationals, and became the dominant player in the mid-nineties, winning three national titles, ‘94, ’95, ’96, and three world titles’ 94, ’95, ’97. Bill also holds the Open and Master AYYA world records for “Shoot the Moon, Inside Loops and Milk the Cow”. He received the National Master Award in 1997 and was made a National Grand Master in 2001. Bill has generously given his time and skill to the yo-yo movement. He was a board member of the AYYA for three years and continues to be a regular fixture at the judging table for multiple worlds and national championships.

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