Linda Sengpiel

Linda Sengpiel was the first female professional yo-yo demonstrator.  Being the top female yo-yo player for nearly four decades, she was commonly referred to as the “First Lady of Yo.”

She began demonstrating professionally for Duncan, Royal, and Pedro Flores.  She was Pedro Flores’s only demonstrator in the ’50s.  During these years, she carried the moniker “The yo-yo Queen.”

Later, she considered herself an entertainer rather than a demonstrator.  One of her most remarkable exploits was a $10,000.00 challenge to anyone in the audience who could do her ten trick routine.  Unsurprisingly, no Challenger ever collected the prize.  Nevertheless, the Sengpiel supersonic yo-yo pack from the ’70s is a staple in most yo-yo collectors’ collections.  She continued to perform and judge at contests until her death in 2001 at age 57.  The Linda Sengpiel Award is given each year at the World Yo-Yo Championships to a female that demonstrates excellence in yo-yoing.