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Judging there must be three judges (18 or above in age) counting or two timers with stopwatches. Judges must fill in their counts on the World Record submission form. The official count will be the average of the three judges’ count or in sleeping events the average of the two times. The World Record Committee can accept this as the official count and certify the record or review the video for an official count. The World Record Committee decision is final. Once the record has been certified or denied there will be no further counts or video reviews. The World Record Committee must do a video review if the record is broken by less than 1%. If there is a discrepancy of more than 3% of one judge from the average of the other two judges then that judge’s count will be dropped and the other two judges average will be used. If there is a discrepancy of 3% from all three judges, the middle value will be submitted.