Name of yo-yo manufacturer and brand of the yo-yo used in setting the record. If two yo-yos were used list both yo-yos.

Examples: Duncan®-Butterfly®   Yomega®-Raider®

The yo-yo must be, or have been commercially available to the public with a production run of a minimum of 100. The yo-yo can be tuned but not modified.

Tuning definition: Changing of any string, sanding the string slot and/or removing brake pads or similar type of device, addition of lubrication, changing gap width, changing out axles, adding or removing ball bearings, removal or addition of side lens or pogs. Any components that are used in tuning the yo-yo (string, axles, bearings, pogs or lens) must be commercially available but does not have to be of the same brand as the body of the yo-yo. These components cannot be modified (altering the shape, weight or size).
Modified definition: Altering the shape, weight or size of the yo-yo body or the addition of components to the yo-yo that are not covered under tuning.