Instructions for AYYA world record submissions

This form is to be filled out by the tournament/event director (who must be over 18). All records attempts shall be completed during a publicized/organized event, which is open to the public, with at least 20 in attendance (spectators + competitors). Competitors may do multiple restarts within the two-minute start window, but once the two minutes have passed, no further restarts are allowed. Record attempts are limited to one per competition per event category. 

After the record submission form is filled out, you will be directed to the video submission link. A video of the entire record will need to be sent for review before the record submission is complete. Contestant agrees by submission of the video record attempt to allow uncompensated use of the video in the promotion of yoyo world records and or documentary film use of the record.  All record submissions must be within 90 days of the record attempt.

For detailed information/instructions on each field to be completed out, click on the heading.


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If you do not have your video on YouTube or Facebook, then you can send us your MP4 format using “”  This service is free.  The link is below. will ask for the email of the person you want to send the video to.  That email would be;