Fiend Magazine: “Lucky’s Guide is the book we’ve all been waiting for.” “This is the mother lode of yo-yo history, more yo-yo history than has ever been complied before..” “The publication of this book is a turning point in the yo-yo collecting hobby”

Antique Trader: “Collector interest in yo-yos continues to grow and the field has long anticipated a comprehensive resource like this one from one of the premier yo-yo collectors.”… “Yo-yo enthusiasts will want this book: it will be a standard reference in the hobby.”

Infinite Illusions: “Any serious player, collector, historian, or advocate of the sport will relish this book.”

AYYA Newsletter: “Lucky Meisenheimer has delivered an incredibly informative and entertaining volume with his collectors guide, and the collecting world will never be the same.” Five stars *****

Toy Shop: “The book is one of the most comprehensive works on yo-yos..”

Yo-Yo Times: “This is a HUGE book of yo-yo collecting information.”

Noble Disk: “I predict you’re going to like it (even if you’re not a collector) but there are two things for sure: There’s a lot of work that went into this book, and if you are a collector you will have to get a copy.” (The Duncan Yo-Yo company) “The definitive guide for collectors and one of the best histories of the yo-yos ever printed”

Fearless Reviews ( I haven’t been into yo-yos since I was about age twelve, and I wasn’t any good with them. But this spectacular volume comprising the toy’s lore, the comprehensive cataloguing of its every permutation through the decades of the last century, not to mention a detailed pricing guide, is enough to reawaken anyone’s inner child and inspire a series of wows and gee whizzes. There are hundreds of glossy, full-color illustrations of the spinners both inside and outside their original packaging, from the official Smothers Brothers’ version to the Bart Simpson, the Star Trekkers, and the more-or-less plain but venerable Duncans. The incredible care and detail that the author has lavished on this encyclopaedic guidebook suggests both a true passion and no little degree of all-American nuttiness — the latter charge being documented by a last-page photo of Dr. Lucky circa the 70s, when he paused from his yo-yo practice long enough to earn a place in “Ripley’s Believe It or Not” for swimming a half-mile with his foot in his mouth. I kid you not. Like the rest of this astonishing volume, you gotta see it to believe it!

What Others are saying about “Lucky’s Collectors Guide to 20th Century Yo-Yos

“Wow! What a piece of work. I am awed by your new definitive book”…Tom Kuhn
“Without a doubt, this is the most complete and authoritative reference ever compiled on the time-honored yo-yo”…

Jason Sauey, President Duncan Toys

“…will, no doubt, go down in history as being the most authoritative source on the compilation of yo-yos”..

.Alan Amaral, President Yomega

“The book is simply terrific!”..

Bill Cress, American Spinners

“I would consider this book book an encyclopedia of Yo-Yos. I have found every aspect of this book outstanding”…

Jim Johnson, AYYA board member

“It is a jewel in every respect and will no doubt be the definitive collectors guide for many years”…

Bill Caswell, yo-yo collector

“It is unbelievable”…Bob Rule