Serial Number Collecting

What’s up with all these numbered yo-yos?

Are some more collectible than others?

Absorb the following and you will be on the cutting edge of collecting numbered yo-yos. Having serial numbers on collectibles is nothing new. Artists for eons have produced prints with limited runs numbering each of the prints. Theoretically low numbered pieces may have more value that upper numbered pieces. This practice with time has extended into many other collectibles and now yo-yos. Having serial numbers on yo-yos only began occurring recently on modern yo-yos. I cannot think of any pre 1980s yo-yos that had serial numbers (someone please correct me if I am wrong). The fact that some manufactures have started this practice does it really influence the value of the yo-yo?Well, the law of supply and demand dictates the prices paid and right now collectors appear to be demanding certain low numbered models. Therefore the answer is yes, serial numbered yo-yos do affect value.

So what are the rules? Well, there are no rules, but here are some rough guidelines on how to value serial numbered yo-yos.




#1 Ultra cool, Premo piece, but if you have one you probably own the company anyway so nobody is surprised on impressed when you show it off.  Should one sell on the open market expect to pay 10-20 times retail price.


#2-9 Single digits cause heavy salivation among collectors, but ordinary mortals rarely get their hands on these babies.  Insiders in the company and those with heavy connections snag these long before they see daylight.  You might pick up one from the ex-girl friend of the company’s VP, but expect to pay 4-5 times retail value.


10-50 Low double digits still impress and you might score one of these if you know someone who knows someone. These are the first of the numbers that might be retailed. Expect to pay double normal retail value.


50-99 These numbers might impress another collector but not your buds.  These can be typically be bought retail but be quick about it.  After they are gone expect to pay about 1 1/2 times retail value.


101 + Welcome to the peanut gallery, you and every John Q. Public can grab these and no one cares.  It doesn’t matter whether you have a 123 or a 667, a price premium only exists in the minds of the sellers


500 Like a double digit number about 1 ½ times normal retail


666 OK there are some freaks out there, 2-3 times normal retail


1000 Like a double digit number about 1 ½ times normal retail


Last Number If the run is limited and you know the last number then expect to pay a single number price for the very last one in the line.  Expect to pay 4 to 5 times normal retail value.


Some thoughts from a collector to the Manufacturers………Consider numbering only the 1st 1000 yo-yos with any new model. Hide the area where the serial number will show and package the yo-yos so the dealers cannot pull the numbered yo-yos prior to purchase. Randomly distribute the yo-yos to your dealers with unnumbered models. A lottery effect will take place immediately increasing the value of all numbered yo-yos. Consider offering special “prizes” for those that get a numbered yo-yo. Both the hobby of collecting and sales will increase.